Welcome to the New School Year!


Hello Parents,

Hosanna Families,

The new school year is here and your PTSH team is excited to assist you and the faculty in making this a blessed and amazing year for us all. We have a number of great fundraising, fellowshipping, and community outreach opportunities planned throughout the year.

We have added a handy communication tool this year – a PTSH blog which can be accessed via the school website. We will update our blog with key information the night after every PTSH meeting. Here you will be able to find information about upcoming fundraisers, class field trips, volunteer opportunities, PTSH meeting times and dates, Spirit Week themes, etc.

You can check in here for;

Newsletters PTSH September Newsletter

Meeting Minutes, Here is August 2015 PTSH August 2015-2

Events (Both School and Meetings),2015-2016 calendar

Key Dates

September 12th  & 13th– Rummage Sale

September 16th @ 6:45pm PTSH meeting

September 29th Board Meeting

PDF for print ease,


Community Service Opportunities;

Clean Water Project

Spirit Gear Direct

Paypal Tab for Donations,

Prayer Requests


Volunteer Opportunities!!! 


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